Why Does Genuine Leather Cost So Much? Leather Accessories & Bags

Why Does Genuine Leather Cost So Much? Leather Accessories & Bags

The heart and soul of the fashion world is leather, which is always in style. Indeed, handmade leather masterpieces are the best option if you're looking for real leather products that fulfill your needs for all time and continue to fit with your contemporary lifestyle. They are incredibly long-lasting and provide you with a tonne of comfort and convenience for a sizable amount of time. The leather industry is booming right now, offering anything from synthetic leather to real leather in a variety of items.

Although genuine leather is somewhat pricey, it provides a divine experience. If you know how to clean leather well, you may also lengthen the lifespan of your basics. Genuine leather items including leather coats, leather aprons, men's leather bags, leather wallets, purses, and related leather accessories are elegant and regal. The classy leather accessories offer a wonderful fusion of style, high-end construction, attractive designs, and durability. That is the cause of people's obsession with reputable brands of genuine leather goods.

Factors Affecting Leather Goods & Products' Prices

1. Real leather is used

The price of leather goods like leather tote bags, leather wallets, etc. depends on the quality of the leather. Notably, the cost of genuine raw materials is higher than that of synthetic alternatives.

Genuine leather is made from the skins of many animals, including sheep, goats, cows, and buffaloes. It contains natural bites, pores, and scratches that show the leather's inherent individuality. Additionally, genuine leather gets better with age. 

Therefore, full-grain leather, which is fairly expensive as it is the most natural form of leather, is used by premium manufacturers. Sometimes, rare and exotic leathers made from ostrich, shark, snake, and crocodile skins are used to create leather masterpieces.

2. Production Process

The procedure of creating a flawless and appealing leather product is extensive. Our leather items' beauty and feel are something we like. But they are the result of a protracted development process. The development process is divided into several stages, such as tanning, curing, fleshing, bating, soaking, painting, liming, and more. The lengthy and inclusive procedure also needs a strong infrastructure, good sanitation, and a reliable water disposal system.

Every real leather product must go through these stages of development, whether it is a leather messenger bag or a leather backpack purse. Some high-end manufacturers sell elegant, highly valuable, handcrafted leather bags that take considerable ability, experience, individual dexterity, and competence to create.

3. Resilience

The essence of real leather products is durability. Leather's exclusivity and top-notch quality fulfill your needs for a long time. The market is booming with a variety of leather goods, including men's and women's leather coats as well as a huge selection of leather bags for men.

People who value durability and stick with brands for a long time will always be able to trust genuine leather products. Although real leather goods are pricey, they are a fantastic investment. Their scalability, authenticity, and use of pure raw ingredients ensure longevity. Because leather is unique, products can withstand normal wear and tear while still providing a lifetime of companionship.

4. Colours and Dyes

Whether it's a leather laptop bag, leather briefcase, or men's leather wallet, dyes, and colors have an impact on how much leather accessories cost overall. Full-dyed leathers are generally more expensive than semi-dyed leathers.

Premium-grade hides are necessary for full-dyed leathers, which takes a lot of time. Additionally, certain leathers are created by hand, while others are finished using a spraying machine. As a result, handmade leather goods cost more than those that are produced using machines. Depending on the leather's quality, the color may differ. The quality of any additional colors has a big impact on how much anything costs.

5. Tanning 

The leather's tanning process is a key component. Notably, there are two types of tanning: natural and artificial. Vegetable tanning is often used to produce excellent leather goods. It doesn't include any chemicals of any kind and employs tannin and tree bark as natural pigments. 

The products are rather pricey because the process takes a long time. On the other side, the majority of items come from chrome tanning, a tanning method that makes use of chemicals. Because it requires less time and effort, the items are less expensive.

6. Brand

Branded leather jackets, leather purses, and various accessories fill our closet, which we like. The adage "brand tells the story of a product" is common. A well-known and reliable brand gives its products more credibility, which raises the price of branded leather goods. A layer of the additional expense is added to the intended items due to their market reputation and long history of serving the audience.

A brand's promise of excellence tends to seduce most people. Once you are pleased with the leather goods from a distinctive brand, there won't be any returns. Even the desired branded goods from the leather goods store will cost a pretty penny.

Why Should You Buy Genuine Leather From Gifflo?

A well-known company, Gifflo, sells high-end, sought-after handmade leather goods. The leather accessories are of unmatched quality and truly represent brilliance. All of the items are exquisite representations of artistry, artisanship, inventiveness, and all-inclusive human endeavours. The one-stop shop for exquisite and genuine leather is Gifflo. From the point of origin of the raw materials to their manufacture, we pursue quality. Our artisans are aware of this and produce work that is affordable for the public. The items provide long-lasting stability and can withstand normal wear and tear.

We have a large selection of different styles, compositions, sizes, shapes, and colors. Therefore, Gifflo is the ideal destination if you're looking for vintage and stunning leather items to adorn your closet. We create classics out of real leather.

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